[thelist] Re: Periods stripped in CDONTS email.

Adam Slesinger badlanners at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 2 10:55:48 CDT 2003

Thanks everyone for your help in identifying the problem.  We're going to apply SP4 to our development server here, but unfortunately can't do so on the production servers that are not under our control.  I think our full solution will be to use another component, either CDOSYS as Stephen mentioned or a 3rd party like ASPmail.  Thanks for taking the time to help me find the exact answer friends, I appreciate it.  I will be sure to search those sources next time around!


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When designing html newsletters, keep it simple.  Design pieces that can easily be coded in older versions of html. From Outlook to AOL to Lotus Notes to Eudora to Lynx, email clients are very different, and you'd be surprised at the number of different ways pieces of code are rendered. Simple tags and arguments don't always work. Do get too complex and test, test, test. :)

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  Hi folks,

  I am sending an html e-Newsletter by putting the html in a few variables and then sending using ASP/CDONTS.  I've sent 4 newsletters the last few months and every time, some of the images are broken because when the email is sent, the period between the name and extension is missing!  Each email has different files that are broken and images that worked fine in one newsletter may not in the next.  For example, "spacer.gif" becomes "spacergif".  Its just plain wierd.  The only thing I can count on is that the periods are missing in the same spot for a particular newsletter. (each time it is sent out, the same images get stripped) So I get around it by putting in a double period, and when the original gets stripped, the second is there to make the image work.  Crappy work around. I can't find a pattern to the stripping of periods.  Anybody run into this?  Any clue?  I can supply code used to send, the variable html sent if needed.

  Thanks mucho,

  Adam 'bread_man' Slesinger

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