[thelist] CF: CFPOP not reading all MIME parts? Restatement.

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Wed Jul 2 10:52:36 CDT 2003

I wanted to restate, clarify and append to my previous post.

In order to get the original recipient of a bounced email, I add a custom 
header to the email, thus when the email bounces, typically the headers are 
sent back, and I can parse though them.

Getting the #body# variable from the cfpop call returns everything within 
the "Content-type: Text/Plain; charset=US-ASCII" part (see below), but not 
the rest. How can I get the whole thing returned in my body variable? 
(Note, I don't have control over foreign servers, so adjusting my own 
server's behaviour isn't an option).

Any advice much appreciated.

Content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary=24112.459811

This message is in MIME format. If you are seeing this text,
then your mailer does not understand this format properly.

Content-type: Text/Plain; charset=US-ASCII
Content-Disposition: Inline
Content-Description: Reason for delivery failure.

The attached message has failed delivery and has been referred
to you as postmaster. The following error report or reports
were given to explain the problem:

    *** fakeaddress at hotmail.net
    Permanent error 11001 (non-existent host or domain) resolving 

Content-type: Message/RFC822

[original headers are here.]

As tu re=E7u ce message?



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