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>From my understanding, the is_nan is only a test to determine whether the
value is a number - so only numbers will validate through this check. If you
want to check to see if the string is alphanumeric, you would use

$test = "string";

if (is_numeric($test)) {
	echo "this is a number";
} else {
	echo "this is not a number"

I vould be off base though!


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Hi all

This is probably a real newbie error, but PHP's is_nan function is not
playing for me.  I've got this as a test:

$tester = "hello";

if (is_nan($tester))

	echo "this works";


	echo "don't work";

And I get back:

Warning: is_nan() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in
(address of the page)




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