[thelist] need help with a couple of tools

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Wed Jul 2 16:06:59 CDT 2003

Charles Cattell <mailto:ccattell1 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> i guess no one knows, i think i am going to unsubscribe to this
> thing, i havent really gotten the help i need with ANY of my questions

<harsh>If that will make you feel better, sure, go ahead.</harsh>

If all your questions so far to thelist have been like the one below, the reason you're not getting any responses is probably because no one is familiar with the technology you work with.

> ------------------------------------------------
> We are a small but fast growing mortgage company, and i was wondering
> if anyone out there knew of a fannie mae 1003 written in php, and is
> compatible with mysql, but also that can email the data in a .fnm
> (Fannie Mae 3.0) format?
> -------------------------------------------------

Let me ask you a question. How many people have YOU helped here on thelist? If you've helped people, good job. If not, maybe you should help some other people before you try to give everyone a guilt trip.

Personally I say you stick around. It's happened to me many times where someone is facing the same problem I am and there email reaches thelist before mine does. Saying me the time it would take to write it in the first place.

Just stick with it and you'll get an answer at some point. Maybe not to this specific problem, but to something I'm sure.

Also, when were your other messages sent and what were there topics? Try reposting them if you didn't just send them yesterday.

Good luck,

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