[thelist] need help with a couple of tools

Charles Cattell ccattell1 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 2 16:14:20 CDT 2003

well, i didnt say i needed things in a specific timeframe, i just thought
that 4 days would be sufficient to get at least one response on where i
might look for an answer, i have never expected anyone to do any work for
me, just point me in the right direction so i see no need to get rude about

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> --- Charles Cattell <ccattell1 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > i guess no one knows, i think i am going to unsubscribe to this
> > thing, i havent really gotten the help i need with ANY of my
> > questions
> Good bye.
> <tip type="list etiquette" author="pixelmech">
> If you join a list and expect to get answers, you should be careful
> to first read the list rules. Then you should be careful to frame
> your questions carefully and succinctly. Then, most of all, you ought
> to be patient.
> If your question was not answered, maybe you framed it poorly.
> Lastly, complaining that you haven't gotten any answers in *your*
> timeframe (free answers, I might add) and threatening leaving said
> list isn't going to make you any friends. I doubt it will get you any
> answers either. In fact, you will probably exit the list without
> anyone missing you.
> Except for maybe tips like this.
> </tip>
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