[thelist] Flash satay and bgcolor.

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Wed Jul 2 17:01:52 CDT 2003

At 4:52 AM 6/30/3, Tony Crockford wrote:
> anyone got any idea why the swf file served here:
> http://www.torbytes.co.uk/op/tm2/lv1/item1343-game.htm
> using the ALA flash satay method
> (http://www.alistapart.com/stories/flashsatay/)
> loses the background color that is clearly present when just
> opening the swf in IE:
> http://www.torbytes.co.uk/images/bruneltrain/brunel.swf

That article discusses how successfully various browsers implement their
various parts of rendering Netscape Plugin content through an OBJECT tag,
instead of the regular EMBED tag.

I think what was being tested there was how various browsers did on basic
visibility, not on whether each browser also:
--  allowed identification by the DOM
--  allowed script/object intercommunication
--  could pass variables from the HTML to the SWF (via either query strings
or explicit parameters)
--  respected all in-app settings (backgrounds, menus, etc)
--  enabled two-way server communication through such an element

(ie, basic visibility is just one small part of how browsers can vary in
their migration to that new tag... I wouldn't be surprised if some browsers
dropped background settings when invoked through an unexpected tag.)

Can you still use the regular OBJECT/EMBED structure, and use the to-spec
validation for identification of problems rather than as indicator of
existential goodness...?


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