[thelist] Exchange 2k unable to relay

Daan Heemskerk Daan_Heemskerk at hetnet.nl
Wed Jul 2 17:20:15 CDT 2003


I'm new to thelist and try to be helpfull. I don't know wheter this makes
sens but ....

The user wich is running the COM object should be able to send e-mails. That
would be my first try. You should block all users exept the one's with some
e-mail account to make sure nobody is sending spam over your server. Good
job against spam. There should be some account running your IIS server.

That would be the NT 6.0. Solution.

I don't believe that W2K can or should be able to make a diverence between a
user running a program or a user running a COM object. Would be to durty
.... O.K. .... Microsoft has some durty programmers ... but .... to test it;
Make a mail account for your IIS user.

Hope it helps out,


P.s. I read some other message by now, telling you the same thing. Is the
same thing. You need the user restrictions and need to fix them. Can't see
right now if it should be a user or could be some addres: its there on that
page, somewhere.

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Chris W. Parker wrote:
> Tab Alleman <mailto:Tab.Alleman at MetroGuide.com> wrote:
>> "Unable to relay for <the email address>"
>> I know from a previous shop that there is some kind of security
>> setting on our Exchange server (Win2k) that needs to be toggled to
>> allow COM objects to send emails, but I haven't been able to find it
>> so far.

> I'm not at my exchange server right now but under the SMTP virtual
> server you'll want to modify the Relay Restrictions. Normally people
> just prevent relaying altogether by choosing "Only from the list
> below" and leaving "the list below" empty. You need to add the ip
> address of the server that is trying to do the sending to that list.

Ok, I am terminalled into my exchange server right now, and I can't for
the life of me find anything that looks like "SMTP Virtual Server".

There's an "Exchange System Manager" icon on the desktop.  Couldn't find
anything useful in there.
There's no SMTP server in Administrative Tools>Internet Services

I found an msdn article that pretty much describes the same fix you did,
but the article starts with "Right-click the new SMTP virtual server and
click Properties."  ...like I'm supposed to know how to find this fabled
SMTP virtual server.  The badmin is incommunicado for the day, so I'm on
my own on this one.
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