[thelist] Exchange 2k unable to relay

Daan Heemskerk Daan_Heemskerk at hetnet.nl
Wed Jul 2 17:23:21 CDT 2003

Not the "virtual" server settings, just the rights to send SMTP. They are
blocked or should be blocked to disallow me from hacking your server and use
it to relay spam to the world!!

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At 01:11 PM 7/2/2003, Tab Alleman wrote:

>Ok, I am terminalled into my exchange server right now, and I can't for
>the life of me find anything that looks like "SMTP Virtual Server".
>There's an "Exchange System Manager" icon on the desktop.  Couldn't find
>anything useful in there.
>There's no SMTP server in Administrative Tools>Internet Services

This might help:


It's strange that within IIS Admin you can't find the SMTP Server settings.

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