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Daan Heemskerk Daan_Heemskerk at hetnet.nl
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No, ( shit I'm new and in to it ... ),

N.A.N. is a value of a floating point number wich is the result of some
invallid opperatyion like 11/0. Integers and strings cant be N.A.N. They are
0, database NULL or empty or invallid pointers. N.A.N. is only defined by
your floating point proccessor.


P.s. I'm here to learn about internet; ask me everything about databases or
proccessors or math or physics. Learn me everything about web-sites.

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> is_nan expects a floating point number. What version of PHP?



PHP version 4.3.1

Is not is_nan a test whether a variable is a number or not?  If so, why
does it expect a floating point number?



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