[thelist] ASP: DIM var AS ??

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Wed Jul 2 18:56:37 CDT 2003

Paul Cowan <mailto:evolt at funkwit.com> wrote:

> Chris W Parker wrote:
> > The function you are looking for is called CInt().


> No, the function he's looking for is called CLng().
> CInt() works fine, until the number you're CInt()ing hits 32,768; once
> it does, you'll get an overflow.

I see, I see.

I've never thought about this so I guess I'm one of the developers "who think, 'aah, that number will never get as high as 32,000'".

But still CLng() has a limit doesn't it? Granted it's much higher than CInt(), but still you're not ultimately protecting from that variable having an overflow since CLng() has a limit as well correct?

Ultimately how do you protect from an overflow? Can you test the size of the variable and truncate it if it's too big?


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