[thelist] Communication Idea, Though

rytames at telusplanet.net rytames at telusplanet.net
Wed Jul 2 21:20:29 CDT 2003

Hi all, 

A few days ago I was reading about the WWW8 conference,
and seen the best 'poster prize', and it spawned a few ideas.

The poster itself was directed towards building a soceity on
the web, and building a presence, of people, for instance, 
the people who are visiting a web, would have the ability to
chat with the other people, and question them, or do whatever.

I'm not sure if the application, and proxy servers are actually built yet,
but, I got an idea that seems to co-relate to that Web Presence idea.

My idea, I thought was to use a Frameset page, with one Frame on top,
( or bottom, or where ever ) with a main content, and surfing area being
the other Frame.

I started building the interface, which is basicly, javascript enhanced,
a hidden iframe, to communicate with a server, easily, and various
text areas to display information.

For starters, and tp test it, the plan was to use it as my extended
'wheres ryan' application, but the frame code it self will:

1) update which web site I am at,
2) update any messages to me, or from me, which will
display within a textarea, on the browser cleint.

However after I tested that aspect, i would go beyond it, and
code the logic that turns it into a multi-user, 'surf n chat', that
allows (among the users) that ability to also send a blog update,
explicity from where ever they are (not to my server, but to their own

The idea is small, but the applications are quite big, for instance:

- with small changes to the code, it can turn into a (near) real time	
communication system; For web designers, and their clients, would
an example, for tours of the features.

- with large changes to the code, it can include participating
web sites that will allow users to participate as gurus, to answer questions,
or to discuss an idea presented on the site.

The problem is, it would solve no real big problem, but it might
build up the essence of commuinity. The techonology is rather
simple, nearing that of javascript chat service, with the essence that
it will have a quick copy and paste facility; High light some text,
click a button, and it will send it server side, for later processing.

-- Could be a simple research facility, could be even a bot.

The question is, does it sound usuable?

Personally, i like the sound of it as a research tool, where
you can save pieces of information, and send server side,
that can automaticly process and store that information;
The information can be even bookmarks for all it matters;
Quotes, building gift lists, or even for streaming stock market

Other features, can be included:
-- an email facility, for example if you get asked to find
sites, or information on the web a lot.

-- for taking small notes.

the whole idea behind it, is to use it for little things, that
a) will be updated frequently,
b) would benefit from slight automation,
c) would really have to use it on the web; with human intervention.

Sounds interesting for what i would use it for:

- to update related links.
- to update a quotes database,
to take notes, and to allow messages to be
sent directoly to my browser.

All in all, I would turn in into a wml/wap application, a little
different then sms, where the wml/wap app would be sent to
a server, and the pda would be user controlled to retreive
that information. It sounds pretty easy, but there are alot
of features I would want to add.

The cost right now though, I feel makes it un-usable.

Excuse the grammar mistakes, i'm just trying to
get the ideas written; Which I have it my head,
but in my head each piece is already connected.


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