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Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 2 21:33:12 CDT 2003

SELECT a.*, b.first_name, b.last_name FROM jobs a, employees b WHERE...

if you want to start somewhere with database : don't use plurial for
your table names. It's part of the concept, it's THE job, THE employee
that you aim to best describe (with your fields).

  Damien COLA

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Hello Again,

Okay... I have an SQL statement that begins like this:

SELECT * FROM jobs a, employees b WHERE .......

But here's the thing... I don't want to select * from employees.  I DO
want everything from jobs, but from employees I only need first_name and
last_name.  No need to clutter a record set with all that data that will
never be used!

What would the syntax be?

Many TIA's,


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