[thelist] complete: hacking contest

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Wed Jul 2 22:28:52 CDT 2003

Emma Jane Hogbin <mailto:emmajane at xtrinsic.com> wrote:

Ok, I'm with you. A person could of course be both a hacker AND a cracker right?

> They probably get it wrong for the same reason that some people don't
> bother to wrap text at 70-80 characters in their emails ... They
> don't care, and or the don't know that it's a problem.

First of all, I've only had TWO people (you and someone else on the RedHat list) complain about the line lengths, and lets see, I've been on this list for almost two years if not longer without any complaints? Sounds fishy.. (do you know that guy?) ;)

Unless I can get Outlook to do it automatically there is no way I am about to manually break each line. In the meantime may I suggest you get a better client. (Btw, what exactly are you using?)

Did you notice that my Outlook doesn't format it's replies in the regular Craplook fashion? Well that's because I am a Good Netizen and found a great utility (Outlook Quotefix) that formats plain text quotes in the standard bottom posting way.

Please don't take me for some n00b (that's hacker talk for 'new person' ^_^) that doesn't know what's going on.

Although the link you provided looked very promising it only had info for Outlook 98 and I've got 2000. I did however find out how to sort emails by thread, hopefully it will work properly.

Lastly, if you ever find a link or know of a utility that I can install that will automatically break each line I'd be glad to oblige.

Talk to you later.


p.s. Please don't be angry with me. ;P

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