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Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jul 3 05:35:59 CDT 2003

I guess there can't be no productive debate on this ;-)
For me, the best proof that singular should rule tables world is that in
Merise method we're talking about an entity, not a set of things. You
have an entity, like THE employee, that you describe, in relation with
other entities.

It's only when you're using your database that you can talk about set of
objects, objects are rows.

But I understand the opposite view and in a parrallel dimension I am
supporting it. But in this dimension I am unoriginally supporting the
majority view.. ;-)

I agree with the second advice, which is also not to have too long
fields or table names, it's because I am still not using a RDS and have
to enter manually all SQL queries, deal with the results in PHP, etc.. 

Have a nice day,

  Damien COLA

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the concept is of sets of things

the set of employees, the set of jobs...

thus,   select ... from employees

casey, a more important rule than using plural names for tables is NOT
to embed the "type of the thing" into the name of the thing

for example, do not say  tblEmployees  or  colFirstname

adjective_that noun_practice verb_is adverb_really



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