[thelist] Hacking contest ... Are you going to monitor your sites?

Norman MacLeod gaelwolf at waypt.com
Thu Jul 3 10:03:44 CDT 2003

I've seen a lot of talk now about this coming Sunday's hacking contest, but
not a lot of discussion about what list members are planning to do for it.

Perhaps only a few of us have dug into the contest to realize what the
objective is?

Site defacement...

Contestants get points for defacing web sites.  Windows server hacks are low
points, Mac and __nix hacks are worth considerably more.

We've chatted with our clients about this, and several of them are paying us
to monitor their sites on Sunday.  We've talked with the web hosts we use to
learn about what their counteraction plans are, and how we can best work
with them if something happens to one or more of our clients' sites.

We're ready with full hot and cold backups of all our clients' sites, so
that we can isolate any defacement that comes our way and replace the site
immediately...while the hosts tech support monitors any further attempt
against the server by the hacker.

It's summer, and in many countries, the schools are out.  The script kiddies
and junior hackers...at least those who aren't working...are home alone all
day with little "better" to do.  What fun...


It may cost me my Sunday, but their contest is OUR revenue opportunity.


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