[thelist] preventing a CR in when using different colours in aparagraph

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Thu Jul 3 10:52:21 CDT 2003

> the text now appears on one line, but i cannot get the font
> colour to change. i wonder if this is because the text is inside a
> form inside a table. 
> could somebody have a look at www.dbass.org
> which is still work in progress and let me know if i am doing
> something (else) obviously wrong. the line i am battling with is
> around 111. the style sheet is at the top of the page.
> ta

You have set a div.telephoneText class in your stylesheet, but you're
applying it to a span. Change it to span.telephoneText or just
.telephoneText if you are going to apply that style to different

Other glitches:

Invalid comments break display in Netscape 7, i.e. <!------------ blah
---------> - use <!-- blah --> instead
Invalid images paths for db_banner.gif and db_join_us.gif



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