[thelist] search engines and ecom sites

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Thu Jul 3 12:00:45 CDT 2003


Currently I'm in the process of redesigning our company's ecom site. The website currently has terrible search results, mainly because of a few things.

All the work I've done on this site (note: I did not build this site, I was just hired to maintain it) was done when I was pretty much brand new to the web. So of course my lack of experience and technical know-how lead to some pretty crappy html/code/a-lot-of-javascript-redirects. Oh yeah we also use frames. agghk.

So anyways... One thing that I'd like to combat is not having all our products indexed. If you go to google and put "detail site:swatgear.com" you'll see there are a bout 50-60 pages indexed. These pages are our product detail pages. If all our detail pages were indexed there should be about 600 in the google repository. I want to make sure with the new website that as many of those products are indexed as possible.

Now I get to my question. One "extra" way I've thought of ensuring that our products are indexed is by creating page that is sort of like a site map except that this page will just categorize all the products as well as have a direct link to EVERY product in it. I've read that SE's don't like pages similar to this, I'm just not sure of the differences between the page I want to create and the page an SE might consider spam/abuse.

This page would be linked some where down the left hand side of the page in the navigation area. Maybe with a title of "List all products" or something. I haven't really given much thought about placement and/or title.

What are your thoughts on this?


10:00am pst

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