[thelist] PH isset and is_empty

Mike Migurski mike-evolt at teczno.com
Thu Jul 3 13:37:12 CDT 2003

>Looking at the manual, it seems the following should work:
>If (isset($var))
>But if I type in nothing, it still returns true, which I don't
>understand at all.

isset() tells you whether the variable exists, and this case it does - it
just happens to point to an empty string. Try print_r()'ing your get or
post vars or use gettype() to see what is set and what its value is.
is_null() won't work for the same reason that $var === false won't - your
$var is a string type, not a null or boolean. is_empty() or empty() are
pretty much your only options in this case.

read more about nullness here:

and rtfm here:

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