[thelist] PH isset and is_empty

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Thu Jul 3 14:04:03 CDT 2003

fstorr wrote:

>I'm trying to do some basic PHP form validatation.  I'm passing a
>variable through the the form processing page and picking it up fine

>the user has entered nothing (I know that I can just do if (!$var) but I
>want to explore further).
>Looking at the manual, it seems the following should work:
>If (isset($var))
>But if I type in nothing, it still returns true, which I don't
--isset($var) will tell you if the name "var" is a defined variable.

--(!$var) will tell you if the value of the variable "var" has a "false" 
(false is defined as any of { 0, null, the empty string aka "" ) value.  
Technically, you should do both,

if (!isset($var) || (!$var))
  // than the user has entered nothing

to determine if the user has entered something because you cannot depend 
on the client to send an empty value on a form submit.  Checkboxes are 
only sent if they are checked, and the spec says that regardless of 
type, inputs need not send anything if they are not set.

you could embed this logic into a handy function!

function fieldnotset($var)
    return (!isset($var) || (!$var));


if fieldnotset($var) {
    // user left the field blank

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