[thelist] Hungarian Notation [holy war] ASP: More Selective Select

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Thu Jul 3 14:14:23 CDT 2003

Jason Handby wrote:

>>Rudy, you're the db guru, but you just blew away 10 years of best practice
>>for me! I have proudly used naming conventions that prepend the
>>object type
>Putting the type in the name is arguably more useful in conventional
>languages, where a variable's type isn't clear just from the syntax. For
>example (in C#):
FYI That convention is a part of "Hungarian Notation."

Strong typing exists in SQL.  Strong typing is your friend, it means you 
cannot casually treat a string as an integer.  The variable has a fixed 
and immutable type when the variable is defined/declared.  Strong typing 
obviates the need to pretend variable names with their type.   The 
clutter of this naming style (which I have never seen used outside of a 
Microsoft development environment) obfuscates code, in my opinion.

Even if you find your code to be clearer this way, another consideration 
is that long variable names are harder to type (prone to typos and 
bugs), have a finite useful limit based on your language (or languages), 
and in the database world, Hungarian Notation is generally frowned 
upon.  When in Rome...

Calling C#, or any language developed exclusively by Microsoft, 
conventional raises my hackles, but that's my problem not your problem. :)


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