[thelist] Exchange 2k unable to relay

Tab Alleman Tab.Alleman at MetroGuide.com
Thu Jul 3 15:10:13 CDT 2003

Anthony Baratta wrote:
> At 07:43 AM 7/3/2003, Tab Alleman wrote:
>> Anthony Baratta wrote:
>>> It's strange that within IIS Admin you can't find the SMTP Server
>>> settings.
>> I'm sure it's because we're using Exchange instead of native IIS
>> SMTP. 
> According to the Exchange 2000 docs, Exchange uses the IIS SMTP
> service and does not have it's own internal service like version 5
> (5.5.?). 
> So something is fubarred if you are using Exchange 2000.

Well maybe it does that, but it moves the interface from IIS Admin to
the Exchange Admin.  

Thanks to some off-list help from Chris Parker, I was able to get to the
interface (had to drill really deep in Exchange System Manager) and
there it's called Default SMTP Virtual Server, which is exactly what it
would be called in IIS, so presumeably that's what's going on.  Anyway,
it works now, so if even if something is hosed, I'm inclined to stop
messin' with it.  :)  

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