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Thu Jul 3 15:41:07 CDT 2003

On 3 Jul 2003 at 17:17, Chris Marsh wrote:

> [..]
> > > do every day. So am I a hacker? Is a hacker just a
> > > coder/programmer who likes challenges? Or a particularly adept
> > > programmer?
> > 
> > I listed a few of the things that I do: programming open 
> > source applications, write documentation for open source 
> > projects/applications (not necessarily my own). I would say 
> I must say that up until this post I more or less agreed with you.
> However... None of the above makes you anything close to a hacker.

Emma never said she was a hacker.  She is simply saying
she contributes to the (computer) hacker _community_.

There is a very large (computer) hacker community, and well known,
under the guise of 'Linux'. There are others, and other communities,
an example would be 'Source Forge'; Including the various projects
that are hosted there.

But never be short sighted into thinking that using "linux'
makes you a hacker; It is only a tool. And realisitically, you
can hack on anything. It should be one of the first tools,
that one as a computer hacker, should explore; And that
is only becouse it offers great insight into how the computer
works, and if your at a super user console, well, I cannot
list what you can do, but the possibilities are endless.

As a hacker system, you can interface new hardware,
you can parse the data stream from a serial port connection.
Becouse of how it is set up, it offers a great many hours
of playing with whatever you might want to.

Which it is better suited for electronic engineers, and computer
sceintists, but, it is open for anyone to learn. But, you will
have to take the time to learn it yourself, and apply your
previous knowledge, to it yourself. Hackers like it when
you attempt to answer your own questions; And that is
for own self help, and your own building up of skill.


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