[thelist] Site Review / Good Resource

ted serbinski tss24 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 3 20:42:55 CDT 2003

> > Very bizarre, as I've tested it on IE 6.0 Win 2K without issue.

I bet it's a cache problem if you can't reproduce the error everyone seems
to be getting. I've know this has stumped me for hours before.

<tip type="programming" author="ted serbinski">
When you are programming some web application or even creating a website,
make sure you are clearing the cache (either manually or automatically) each
time you view your work after making some changes. Otherwise, you might not
notice any small changes you make (especially in code that doesn't display
anything), and this can create a big headache! Beaware of web servers that
cache too, sometimes the browser isn't the only culprit!


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