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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 3 22:34:44 CDT 2003

--- Paul Bennett <paul at teltest.com> wrote:
> I am trialling Homesite, which may finally replace PHPEdit for me. 
> PHPEdit had a nice function that allowed you to select a block of
> text and dump comments / quotes around it. Can anyone help me find 
> such a feature on Homesite 5?

For HTML comments, simply select and ctrl-shift-m. For the /* */ type
comments, all you need to do is make a custom button for that. Right
click on the tabbed toolbars on the right side and choose
'customize'. Then on whatever toolbar you want the button on (under
'visible toolbars' select the one you want) click 'add custom
button.' Then fill in the beginning and ending comment tags, put a
abbreviation in for it and  you are done. It will be clickable for
you when you close. Select the text and click the button.



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