[thelist] ASP: More Selective Select

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Jul 3 23:58:37 CDT 2003

> : can't remember whether you declared MaxEmployeeSalary
> : as a number or a string?  perhaps your methodology needs
> : an overhaul
> ...and the guy that takes over your job (or your co-workers on the
> development team), maintaining your old code, will love you for not using
> Hungarian notation (or some kind of naming system...)

ken, i can't figure out if that was sarcasm or not

are you saying that hungarian notation is advisable?  or isn't?

i say it isn't

see, in my world, a column called MaxEmployeeSalary has *gotta* be numeric,
because it's a Salary field

LastName?  string, because it's a Name

IsActive?  tinyint, with values 0 or 1 (it wants to be a boolean, but i
won't let it)

we are verging awfully close to a topic that data modellers love to talk
about -- domains (although i have yet to see a data modeller, myself
included, actually convince a DBA to implement them)

in any case, if you forget what the datatype of a field is, just look it up

y'all work with data dictionaries and/or schema scripts, right?


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