[thelist] preventing a CR in when using different colours in a paragraph

pandy pandion at gmx.net
Fri Jul 4 08:49:24 CDT 2003

David Turner wrote:
>i am trying to write a paragraph of text using style sheets, with some of
>the text in a different colour, but it is adding a CR that i dont want.

><div class="formText-black">Fill in this form or phone </div>
><div class="formText-white">0113 123456 </div>
><div class="formText-black">for more information</div> <br>
>(2) and then i tried nesting the divs

DIV is a block level element so it will by default break the line. You need an inline element.

Fill in this form or phone <span class="phone">0113 123456</span> for more information</p>


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