[thelist] iFrame question

Austin Harris austin at dotmail.co.uk
Fri Jul 4 11:10:42 CDT 2003

I have constructed a page containing an iFrame that will be a redirect for
people who don't have flash installed, (I know, I tried to put him off.)


I have linked the contents of the frame as an anchor point as I want it to
come in "mid" frame. (This seems to work, Mac 9.2 I.E. 5 & NS 7.)
However when you refresh the page it reloads from the left.

Any ideas?

If anyone wants to make any other remarks please feel free to. The
"audience" is ad agencies etc so large images are not a problem, although I
*know* that some of you will find the frames in the features section a
problem. It was the best solution for what we wanted, unless anyone has any
brighter ideas.

Many thanks, Austin (owing a tip).

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