[thelist] Re: how does this page look in IE6?

Cayley Vos cvos at netpaths.net
Fri Jul 4 14:11:42 CDT 2003

There are strange white text blocks next to your logo and footer in NN 7  on
a mac.

On 7/4/03 4:03 AM, "thelist-request at lists.evolt.org"
<thelist-request at lists.evolt.org> wrote:

> Evening. Would someone be good enough to test the following page using =
> IE6? I was told that all the text in the content area was centering =
> instead of left aligning, so I fixed it (I hope) by adding text-align: =
> left in the body via CSS, etc.
> My only IE browser is IE5.5 (and it looked fine there).
> http://www.24caratdesign.com/ED/index.html

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