[thelist] how does this page look in IE6? - 2nd request-REPLY

Sharon F. Malone sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com
Fri Jul 4 22:42:53 CDT 2003


> one thing
> that bothers me...that bulleted link-list in bold green. It's a little much
> to have the entire comment bold/green and fade when hovered.
> It's not really clear they are links before you hover (they are not the same
> colors as other links and they are bold), and when you hover, they are
> difficult to read. How about just underlining when you hover, or just
> underling the list to begin with and doing a background or color change on
> hover?

Thanks for your thoughts on the "too much bold" situation re the content links on theHome page. I agree about "too much bold." Originally I had this in a fainter green (which I preferred) but the client wanted them more bold. I wanted them to "blend into the textual content" of the page so to speak because these are internal links already accessible from the left hand side menu and the bottom menu, therefore, no underlining. But an underline on the hover is a good idea. Hopefully, I can go back to my original, less intense coloring idea.

Oh, that we could control the degree of bolding, but we're limited.
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> Sharon:
> Thanks so much, Pat, for the JPG. I just this minute uploaded all the rest
> of the pages. Do they look like the Home page? .... that is, is the
> "centered text" problem gone? You don't have to go to the trouble of making
> a JPG (that was very thoughtful). Just a "hoped for" YES, all looks ok.<g>
> Yes, they do. ;-)
> I'm in the middle of a rush here, so I just had time to notice  I'm not sure I would make them bold. Too much bold type is actually
> difficult to read and should be limited to headings with (of course) some
> exceptions.
> HTH, Pat
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