[thelist] Re: how does this page look in IE6?

Sharon F. Malone sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com
Sat Jul 5 07:29:01 CDT 2003

On Friday, July 04, 2003 12:50 PM, Chris Johnson wrote: 

> Mozilla 1.4 - Windows 2000
> The menu options do not line up with the nice little bullets to their
> left. Specifically - Services through to Download Demos. 
> IE6 - Windows 2000

Think I fixed the menu options not lining up. Would you check to see?

> I am also getting
> the strange white boxes beside your logo and footer.

This is strange. I have some of the pages now on the client's site (hosted on a 'nix server) as well as my site. 

Using Netscape 6.2 and going to the client's site on the 'nix server, when I looked at the bottom of the Contact and Download pages, saw no "white box" if by that you mean to the left of the footer appearing against the blue background strip. However, when I viewed those pages on my testing site (I'm on a Windows2000 server), I DID see that "white box" at the bottom of either the Contact or Download page (can't remember which now). Both those pages are at both sites if you're interested in viewing them again.
(Windows box)
(Unix box)

Using IE5.5 or NN4.7 no "white box" appears to the left of the footer on any page on the 'nix server (the actual site for the client). However, NN4.7 does show a thin white strip to the left of the footer on the Windows box (my test site). Is this weird or is this weird?

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