[thelist] Re: how does this page look in IE6?

Sharon F. Malone sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com
Sat Jul 5 14:20:35 CDT 2003


> Hey Sharon - the "block" at the bottom is caused by the background-color
> you've set for the .bottom class. Doesn't show in IE6 on XP - go figure.

Using IE6 on XP, did you see this at both site addresses, or just one. And if just one, which one?

http://www.24caratdesign.com/ED/html/download.html(Windows  box)

(Unix box)

Promise this is my last question.<g> And thanks so much for your time in testing this.

Sharon F. Malone
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sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com
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