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Sat Jul 5 17:18:30 CDT 2003

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Might want to check what encoding the servers are sending the pages as, or if either one
is adding a DOCTYPE adding on it's own (the latter I doubt, while the previous is about
the only explanation I can think of for why it might serve a static page differently just
because of the host).
A different encoding enforced by the server to the browser could cause a different in the
way certain spaces are rendered, not likely but as I said about the only reason I can
think of, other than script parsing differences on the host which I'm assuming there
wouldn't be before hand.

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Saturday, July 5, 2003, 10:06:15 PM, Sharon F. Malone wrote:

>> Never promise a "last" question - you'll be kicking yourself when the
>> next one arrives! LOL! Anyway, the footer looked fine in IE on XP and
>> 2000 for me, although the header still has the overlap showing. Also,
>> providing the pages are the same, there should be no difference between
>> the presentation of

> Gary, ha! I take it back! Well, this is more a comment than a question coz I'm about to give up.

> Actually, there ~is~ a difference when you go to the same pages at the different urls using the same browser. That is, when I use NN6.2 on Win98SE.

> 1) No bottom white box on the
> http://www.exact-data.com/html/download.html page (and the only other pages up at this point).

> 2) A bottom white box on the http://www.24caratdesign.com/ED/html/download.html page (and every other page on the site).

> I think I messed something up in my coding so I'm going to do some further checking. But the weird thing continues to be that the same browser shows different results at the different urls. Altho
> you say there shouldn't be any difference between results viewed on a Windows2000 box and a Unix box, what else would explain this? [Ha, I did ask a question after all.]

> The "white box" at the top is supposed to have a blue border surrounding it. But the client wanted the blue border taken out. Just go to the "under construction" page at http://www.exact-data.com
> and you'll see what I originally had in mind...and what I still want.

> Sharon

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