[thelist] Merchant service for online bookseller?

unruly mongrel unrulymongrel at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 5 18:44:49 CDT 2003

Hey brilliant people.  I've got a client who's going mad, and I 
unfortunately am so busy with the development of her site (what I was hired 
to do), I don't have time to help her out with this question.

She is a motivational speaker, and will be selling books (ebooks) on her 
website (and possibly in the future, CD's).  I've heard quite a few people 
say they don't like Paypal.  'm trying to figure out quick ways she can sell 
items on her site, without having to set up a shopping cart, etc, which I 
believe is too complicated an endeavor given that she won't be selling much, 
just a few items.  I'm not sure whether she should go with something basic 
like Paypal (which means we'd present the books on my client's site, and 
then if anybody'd want to buy one they'd do so thru Paypal or somesuch).  Or 
if there're websites out there that provide good services of this sort, 
especially for online ebook selling, especially ones that might help with 
marketing.  My client is just starting out, and would like to be gouged $'ly 
as little as possible.
I've googled this query, and am finding so much FLUFF, "buy this!", "come 
here now!" and very badly designed sites, and not having much luck finding 

Anybody dealt with a similar situation?  I'd love to help my client avoid a 
nervous breakdown

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