[thelist] image ready 3 and animated gifs

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Sat Jul 5 21:21:54 CDT 2003

> I am trying to make an animated gif with image ready 3

> If any one could help that would be great.

Generally with IR 7.0, you will use the 'Optimize' Pallete, to set the
optimization of you animation.

In the work area, you will have multiple 'optimized' versions to choose
from (2-up, 4-up), which you can slightly fine tunez`

I find it much easier to set all the layers, colors and masks in
photoshop, and then exporting the psd file, layers, transperencies and
everything into image ready, where I would do the animation.


Yes, I do this too, already but it had no bearing on the fact that gif
was not in the options when saving.

I solved the problem by making a new file and building the banner again.
This time gif was in the options when saving....... go figure?


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