[thelist] Re: how does this page look in IE6?

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Sun Jul 6 04:26:33 CDT 2003

> Gary, may I ask how you discovered this information (the
> difference in the pathway names)? What did you do to test for that?
> And, I will fight fiercely to reinstate the top blue border.
> It looks so blah without it besides giving folks the
> impression there's a, lo, "white box" stuck there!!!!!
> Thank you so much for sticking with this and for spending
> ~all~ this time on what turned out to be negligence on my part. I
> feel bad about that. 

While I wish I could say it was all down to my "eyes like a hawk" (who
remembers Marshall Bravestarr? LOL!) - I actually used a handy little
program called ExamDiff that I normally use with CVS versioning, but is
useful for comparing any two files in cases like these. Best thing about
it? It's FREE!! Available here:

Second method I used to make sure that was the problem was a bookmarklet
I set up which toggles table borders on and off throughout the whole
page - lets you see very quickly if there's a problem in the structure.
I've provided a link to it, just right-click and bookmark it - and it's
all yours.

Don't feel bad, we've all made mistakes like that (I know _I_ sure have)
and besides, that's what this list is here for!

Best wishes with the rest of your project, look forward to seeing the
final version (complete with border! :)


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