[thelist] re:Merchant service for online bookseller?

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Sun Jul 6 09:46:18 CDT 2003

"'m trying to figure out quick ways she can sell 
items on her site, without having to set up a shopping cart, etc, which
believe is too complicated an endeavour given that she won't be selling
just a few items. "

I am just finishing a site redesign for an author client of mine. He too
has requested the ability to sell his books online.
He decided to go with www.kagi.com
Basically they handle the credit card part and you send out the items.
You just link to their site for the credit card transaction part of the
process. It is quick time wise to set up and not complicated.

I do however have the following gripes with Kagi:
The admin pages where you edit the pages are pretty crap. Not very
intuitive and their FAQ are rubbish.
Their support is not much to brag about either. They take ages to get
back to you. They only do support Mon-Fri 9-4pm No weekends or holidays.
I live in Asia ( they are in the states) and have to wait till gone
midnight to phone them in office hours, then I just got answer machines
and no one phoned me back.
We did not find out until we got ready to launch that their admin pages
that you edit don't automatically calculate the shipping information
that you have supplied. You have to contact support to get them to set
this up for you. There is lots of information like missing from their
help pages.
Its not that easy to make their pages look like your site.

My client says another author he knows of uses them and they are ok for
small companies/individuals.

The site is not live yet but you can access it at:

and click the order button to see what the standard kagi page and
process looks like.


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