[thelist] compile PHP for Win 2k??

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Sun Jul 6 12:06:47 CDT 2003

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> Are you running it from the commandline?

No, Apache on my Win 2K box.

I'm looking for a solution for my web pages.

>  If so, the documention (yes, I could have just writen RTFM :D )

Yes you could have, a few have, thank you

> makes reference to the following option:
>   -c <path>|<file> Look for php.ini file in this directory
> If you just wanted to override one setting, there's also this one:
>   -d foo[=bar]     Define INI entry foo with value 'bar'

Yes I saw waht your refering to.

Tried it, and understand what it does, but I don't think (I hope I'm wrong)
that this applies to the Apache MOD access.

Thanks for your help.


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