[thelist] Navigation design

Kristof Neirynck k.neirynck at belgacom.net
Sun Jul 6 12:22:21 CDT 2003

john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:
> I'm designing the navigation for a new site, and I think another few
> pairs of eyes would help at this point.

"roll-over alt-text doesn't seem to work in my Mozilla."
This is the right way:
<img src="example.png" alt="This shows up if the image isn't loaded" 
title="This shows up onmouseover">

"Maybe the green box should contain the path, so you can click anywhere 
back to home, so in this case it would be home/AmazingMagazine/articles 
with any part clickable."
This is a breadcrumb.
It's considered a good thing.


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