[thelist] Navigation design

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Sun Jul 6 14:00:36 CDT 2003

> then on the magazine section, that image you have, shows links to
>   home
>   why change?
>   kitchen style
>   choosing cabinets
>   installation
> which neither matches anything at the second level in your diagram, nor
> are there any links to the other first level sections of the site,
> except for home
> so, like, i'd be confused already

Aye, I do. Hang fire, I'll adjust things. It's supposed to be showing the
article choices, so I guess that's third level not second. I'll repost
when I've changed the diagrams.

But you raise an interesting point about the "links to the other first
level sections of the site". What you're saying is you'd want links not
just for up things and down things, but across things too. Am I right
about that?


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