[thelist] Suggestions

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Wed Jul 9 12:02:00 CDT 2003

> I'm currently building a new site for myself and I've ran out
> of ideas put on it. Please have a look / play and let me know your
> thoughts 

1. Use cross-browser code for your navigation. I first visited using
Netscape 7 and couldn't see anything other than the basic menu. Having
peeked at the code, it's apparent the site will be completely
inaccessible for any non-IE browser. Also, use object detection as
opposed to browser detection where necessary.

2. The underlining of form elements is a little confusing - I was half
expecting something to happen if I clicked on one. Also, some vertical
padding between fields would improve their usability.

3. Message boards. On first visit, it's not obvious whether a board is
empty or if the messages are just not being displayed. I posted a test
message in the "Books" board and got the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' 
Type mismatch: 'clng' 

/messages.asp, line 128

Also, the emoticons are unlabelled - I was trying to add one to my
message and it was only after posting that I realised they represented
the icon for that subject and not one to be pasted inside the message.

4. Site has a nice, clean look about it (barring the banner ads)) -
perhaps too clean, bordering on clinical. As has been suggested already,
you might consider brightening up the visual style with some graphical

5. I'd prefer to see the links highlight on mouseover rather than
displaying the graphic elsewhere - it takes the eye away from the cursor
and provides no new information.



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