[thelist] CF: Ridiculous! CFID doesn't stick after re-installation

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Fri Jul 11 05:12:23 CDT 2003

This is getting ridiculous.  And frustrating.

I had CFMX. I un-installed it and reverted back to 5.0. Suddenly, I was 
unable to keep a CFID over page reloads. I've un-installed Cold Fusion 5.0, 
re-installed version 4.5sp2 and I have the same problem. No matter what I 
do, I can't get  a CFID/Session to stick.  This is across every app, every 
website I've ever created. It's a server thing, not an app thing.

A test that displays #CFID# shows it incrementing at each reload.

I've un-installed CF server (three times). Cleaned out the registry with 
some utilities.  I've gone though the registry manually doing a search for 
"Cold Fusion" Manually removed any folder that might be relevant to CF ever 
having existed on my machine.

After install, most of my settings seem to reset. I've tried creating a 
datasource (using MySQL) and note that it remains empty, even after 
creating session variables.

The datasources, however do show up. Is this because CF reads a list, or is 
it stored somewhere? How long is the default setting for app variables? If 
it's not 2 days, I know some bit of data is being stored somewhere.  Maybe 
wiping it out will resolve this problem.

Are there variables that might be stored somewhere that I can clean out? Is 
there a possibility that this might have something to do with Apache (1.3x)?

What are some choices and approaches for debugging this issue that I might 

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