[thelist] Phpmyadmin not showing correct privileges

patrick evolt at stoutstreet.com
Mon Jul 14 12:33:37 CDT 2003

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Just to make sure -- since you said 'refreshed' below -- in phpmyadmin did
you click the Reload MySQl link on the first page (v2.2.0)?
To have permissions and whatnot for items in the mysql table to take effect,
you need to reload.
> > Did you reload mysql after doing this?
> +++
> Hi all
> Thanks for all the suggestions.  However, things get stranger...
> I refreshed phpmyadmin and that didn't work.  I restarted my PC (I'm on
> XP so it should be running as a service, so that should've sorted out
> the re-starting the server bit).  To double check myself I actually ran
> a select select_priv from user where user="jargonadmin"; and that showed
> as a "N", which is the same as phpmyadmin.  However, if I log myself in
> as that user, I can run select queries.
> I'm more confused than I was this morning....
> Regards

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