[thelist] Getting Desperate...DIV onmouseout firing too soon..

Dan Slater dslater at zunch.com
Tue Jul 15 18:19:06 CDT 2003

Hi all.  Please look at the navigation menu here:
http://www.zunch.com/jltla  for reference.

It's under construction, WAY under construction.  The navigation menu i'm
building is not working as intended.  The onmouseout event, which is
supposed to hide the submenu DIV is firing as soon as the mouse leaves the
any of the three links.  It should only fire when the mouse leaves the
entire area.

I've searched on line, and the only solution i've seen is to add at time
delay to the hiding event.  An unacceptable answer.

The burn of it is that this SHOULD work, in theory.  Am I missing something

Dan Slater
Zunch Communications, Inc.
dslater at zunch.com

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