[thelist] view access db without Access?

Mark Anderson marke.anderson at btinternet.com
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In VB4 and 5 I think there was a demo application called "visdata" it
allowed you access to Access databases and allowed tables to be built etc, I
don't know what versions of access it will support I guess it will be down
to the ado drivers etc built in! Have a look on the Microsoft site for it!


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Are there any programs out there that can manipulate access databases
aside from the actual Access program? I just got a new computer at work
and it's got Office XP and not Office 2000. Now I've got no way to
"access" the access db. (HAHAHA!!)

Basically I'm looking for something like phpMyAdmin or MySQL Control
Center, but for Access 2000+.

Anyone have any info?

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