[thelist] basic SQL many-many optimization

Tab Alleman Tab.Alleman at MetroGuide.com
Thu Jul 17 08:23:00 CDT 2003

rudy wrote:

> piece-of-cake do-it-in-yer-sleep one-hand-tied-behind-your-back 

> in other scripting languages, you gotta do the "current/previous"
> logic yourself

>   set previoustitle = ''   /* empty */
>   while not eof
>      get next record
>      if currenttitle > previoustitle
>         print title on new line
>         set previoustitle = currenttitle
>      print genre on same line

Well yeah, anybody can do it in the middleware..I was thinking there
must be a sql-magic method, but my brain hurt when I tried to think of

Just remember if you do it this way, to put "ORDER BY TitleID, GenreID"
in your SELECT query (in case that wasn't obvious enough already).

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