Re: [thelist] Dot Net - Should we switch

Ken Schaefer ken at
Thu Jul 17 13:29:30 CDT 2003

Q) Has everyone switched?
A) No. There's an enormous amount of existing ASP code out there that is going to converted slowly. That said, I'd be very surprised if there's any new work being done in ASP. There are no future plans to continue development of ASP, and ASP.Net's been out for 18 months now.

Q) Are you happy with it?
A) Absolutely

Q) Should we switch?
A) IMHO I don't think you have any choice if you want to continue working with MS technologies. Demand for ASP will disappear over time. Everything will be .Net. ASP.Net addresses any number of limitations of the older Classic ASP framework. You can build far more sophisticated websites, far quicker, using ASP.Net

Q) How is the learning curve?
A) It really depends. There's new IDEs, new concepts (eg page lifecycle), new coding techniques (with new languages, and strong typing, and full object orientation), and a huge base class framework. If you have programming experience it'll help.

Q) What are the differences?
A) ASP.Net is pretty much written from scratch. The differences are way too much to list :-). That said, lots of stuff kinda works the same. Check out for summary info


From: "Gary Swanson" <gswanson at>
Subject: [thelist] Dot Net - Should we switch

Now that Dot Net has been out for awhile I am wondering what peoples
thoughts are on it.
 We currently do all of our web apps with ASP and Access or SQl, but have a
client that wants us to manage their site.  Has everyone switch?
Are you happy with it? Should we switch, and how is the learning curve? What
are the difference?

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