[thelist] Need Mac and IE5x Menu Check plus (revised request).

Kathy E Gill kathy at dotparagon.com
Thu Jul 17 21:36:33 CDT 2003

At 4:36 PM -0700 7/17/03, Pat Meeks wrote:
>Kathy and Hassan:
>Thanks! Ok, I took out the padding and margins on the hover. Maybe they were
>being "added" to the "a" but just not in IE6. I changed both the top line
>and second line of the main menus. They look the same to me in IE6, do they
>still jump for you?

No jump in Mac N7- MSIE5.2 ... still does in Safari. Have you tried 
setting the bgcolor to the same as the bg image?

>Many, many thanks for the help! It's a large site and I'm here by myself,

you're welcome. :)

At 4:47 PM -0700 7/17/03, Pat Meeks wrote:
>>  Some quick links open with a cookie-crumb at the top of the page;
>>  others don't. Disconcerting.
>I'm just finishing these pages, I am missing some cookie crumbs...sorry.

no apology needed! i didn't know if you knew.

>>  There's "movement" as you walk thru the quick links -- because the
>>  main content section does not start from the same x.y coordinate each
>>  time (this is only partially because some pages have logos above the
>>  title copy).]
>Yes, I'm not sure what to do about this. I thought I would get all the logos
>placed (they are all different depths), then see which pages had logos,
>which had abreviations, which did not and try to figure out how to position
>everything so the underline remains in a consistent place, as should the top
>of the logos. It sure is annoying when they are not lined up.

Is there anyway you can re-scale the logos so that they are about the 
same size? Or just "grin and bear it" and have the space-holder the 
same size, regardless -- then have the text always start in the same 
place? I think the benefit of "not jumping" would over-ride the 
negative of white space. (Others may disagree!)


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