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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Fri Jul 18 18:30:57 CDT 2003

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From: "Arthur Cundy" <barnabas311 at yahoo.com>
> What's up people! I'm new to the list
> http://www.natashasworld.com/~arthur

It has a nice clean look.
It is however stuck to the left a lot, could do with a margin, or some
It is also a shame that the text cannot be re-sized ([ctrl]+mousewheel in
IE), as it is very small on my screen.
I don't know what the graphic is suposed to be - a station or something? I
guess it's an arcane graphic though.

But then this:
"all i can say is, i'm just happy. i'm learning alot of things
about God right now and it's very refreshing. i'm slowly
getting things on track and God is making things happen
on so many levels."

I mean, hey - snap out of it man! That stuff's not real - they just
made that up to get us to eat our vegetables! Really!

Anyway, I almost missed your blog, as it's squashed into a corner by all
that generic stuff at the bottom, The gray box at least contains some
relevant links, but the bottom part is pure spam - I'd drop that and make
the blog bigger.

I was wondering, would an American understand British humor? You know - the
irony thing...
I know Italians do...

Have fun,

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