[thelist] Lost references

Mike Hopkins ironmike at inav.net
Sat Jul 19 23:41:22 CDT 2003

Okay, <butter>all you dear, helpful, marvelously knowledgable friends</butter> I had to recently start rebuilding my personal reference files from scratch due to a system failure.

There are two articles that I have not been able to find and I hope some of you can help me locate them.

The first was about making HRs with single-pixel gifs and CSS, and went on to show how to make several types of graphs, etc with styled single-pixel gifs. The article included a set of 1px graphs in "browser safe" colors. This article may be several months old, but I think it was this year.

The second article was about styling HRs to include characters or images as filler. It was very recent--like the last two weeks.

I'm not even sure these were refered to on theList, but I believe this is the plact to start looking.

Thanks for your help!

Mike Hopkins

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