[thelist] HTML 4.01 strict & Javascript

Taz taz at softeffects.co.uk
Mon Jul 21 09:22:54 CDT 2003

Don't mean to sound funny, but I did tell you lot why right at the
beginning of this thread... See below.

Referece: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_script.asp

'The "language" attribute of the script element was deprecated in HTML
4.01.' (Assumably in Transitional.. as strict was a kind of migrate
testbed to xhtml) - Instead <script type="text/javascript"> etc...


M.G. Noriega said:
> El lun, 21-07-2003 a las 15:46, Adrian Simmons escribió:
>> Actually my javascript: definitive guide says language is deprecated in
>> HTML 4 and XHTML in favour of the type attribute, so you can ditch
>> language because you already have type in your statement. But still, get
>>   into the habit of quoting it too.
> To be honest, i'm not sure why using language made the validation fail.
> I thought deprecated stuff was recommended against, not forbidden :?
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